Dust Free Sanding

Having your home or business premises redecorated can be a messy affair. At HarriDec Ltd our painters and decorators use state-of-the-art dust-free sanding solutions from Festool and Mirka that reduces mess, saves time on clearing up and improves the health and safety for everybody on site.

We use hand sanders and some of the most advanced power sanders available to efficiently sand every type of surface down to get a smooth, flawless base ready for decoration. These sanders are attached to a vacuum extraction unit and the large amounts of dust usually created are sucked into a bag within the unit which is safely disposed of.

Why Dust Free Sanding is Needed

As any professional painter and decorator will tell you, the key to a perfect finish is all in the preparation. This often involves applying vast amounts of filler over large areas of walls, ceilings or whatever surface is to be painted. Sanding this filler down would usually create clouds of dust that can be harmful and just seems to get into everything. 95% of this dust is collected by the extraction unit making redecorating any property a better experience for client and painting contractor alike.

For examples of how the latest dust free sanding innovations have benefited our clients, please find a ‘Varnish Stripping and Staining‘ project we completed using the latest methods in dust containment.