Toupret Gras a Laquer

For achieving an immaculate, super smooth high gloss finish, no other product can assist the professional painter and decorator as much as an oil based, ready mixed fine surface filler like Toupret Gras a Laquer. When used as a base for a good quality high gloss paint like Sikkens Rubbol XD, or Rubbol AZ it […]

Bedec Aqua Advance Gloss Review

Our customers aren’t asking us for a gloss finish very often these days, gloss is generally considered old-hat and most people seem to prefer an eggshell or satin finish on their woodwork. However, when we do get asked for gloss we need to have a tried and tested product in place that we trust to […]

Upol Filler Tests

Here is a recent test we did with some of the two part fillers available from Upol who are a global company dedicated to the manufacture of automotive refinishing products including body fillers, coatings, aerosols, polishing compounds and consumables of the highest quality. With their products primarily aimed at the automotive refinishing/repair market many of […]